Hot Muggy Afternoon: Why Not Enjoy Tallahassee?

Saturday was hot, so every stop my friends and I made, we parked in any shade we could find.  We concluded it was better to walk a few more steps in the glaring sun if it meant returning to a shaded car.  

Leaving the Leon County Main branch with 30 Eco-Trips in Florida checked out for three weeks (!) our first stop was a fantastic lunch at Wild Greens Cafe.  Veggie burgers, special of the day Caprese salad, cold iced tea with mango and lemonade were enjoyed by all.  The service was great, the ambiance amiable.

A trip to the 621 Gallery in Railroad Square Art Park, was boosted by tiny cake pops from Mayhem.  For a dollar, the most delicious Mexican chocolate treats that are the perfect size for dessert.  Intrigued by a unique umbrella, we stopped into ----- vintage shop.

A quick drive-by the check the progress of Cascades Park and its weird 'pond,' then off to the LeMoyne Arts Center for the Florida Artists exhibit.  "You know," I remarked, "if it was April, we would have walked to LeMoyne from the library."  It was hot enough for us to skip the sculpture garden, catching a glimpse of its loveliness through the gift shop window.  

Still raving about the delicious greens in our lunch salad, we drove by to see where local produce is grown in town at the Dunn Street Youth Farm (home of iGrow) and Ten Speed Greens.

Our final stop was a newer shop in town, Peculiar Goods, a conglomeration of eclectic gift items.

Total time was about 4.5 hours.  We're already making plans for another Saturday.

If you were showing off Tallahassee in an afternoon, what places would you visit?