Tallahassee has things in common with Seattle:
  • It rains a lot
  • It has abundant coffee shops with excellent espresso
  • It has plenty of places with free wi-fi to plug in your laptop
  • If you’re in your 20s, you should spend most of your time near Capitol Hill
  • There are lots of places to get a drink
  • It has a well known tourist attraction like the Space Needle
  • Hipster thrift stores
  • Decent public transportation with light rail to and from the airport*
  • Places for great brunch
  • People do not carry umbrellas 
  • You’ll endure less judgment if you’re from New York (City, even) than California
  • It is often difficult to get a job, but it’s possible to have a semi-respectable job and blue hair at the same time.
  • You can bring your dog on the bus, although you have to pay a full adult fare If s/he is a large dog
  • it’s far better to be politically correct than sorry
  • drivers are polite to the point of being annoying
  • Stop signs and lights are not suggestions, they're the law
  • 2 topics of conversation that are always acceptable:  Making fun of people who can't handle the weather and looking down on the city/county/state for not being able to put together any sort of transit plan
  • Spring is in February
  • Awesome vistas
  • Host to Hempfest, the world's largest pot rally
*What?  Tallahassee doesn't even have a bus that goes to and from the airport and downtown?