The coronation--uh inauguration--begins today of the first Republican governor to be elected to a second term since the Reconstruction era . The
estimated $1 million party begins tonight. Jeb supporters will get down in the 46,000-square-foot pavilion set up on FSU's intramural fields for the
"Black Tie and Blue Jeans" ball and concert tonight. The buzz about town is JEB for Prez in '08. And, if you haven't already
purchased your ticket to the ball, you're out of luck, it's sold out.
The inaugural carnival follows the swearing in ceremony on Tuesday afternoon at North Adams Street near the Governor's Mansion
and it's free!
Crews are already setting up large tents and building kitchens to prepare the food on site. If you're thinking of renting a limo ($45 to $125 an hour) it's too late, all are booked--even the Hummer stretch. Those without limos are piloting their own planes.

At the same time, a single mom and her kids who live not more than two miles from the Capitol will go to bed in the dark and cold
after having their electricity turned off. But, on Tuesday, they can tour the Governor's Mansion for free.