The former Secretary of State was in town recently to sign copies of her new book. One protestor showed up. The rest were too apathetic to show.

Savvy politicos created a strategy early on to get Katherine Harris out of Florida. They supported her campaign for Congress, a seat which she won in November's election. Since she had to resign to run, she was moved out of the building that houses the State Museum and the State Library last summer.

Since the two years after she declared Bush a winner in Florida on behalf of his brother, Governor Jeb, she presided over two more botched elections in Florida. Since her replacement took office, people now seems to be able to vote without controversy.

Her book, the name of which will not be promoted here, will be available in the public library, if you insist on reading it. Therefore saving you from spending your hard earned money ($21 bucks). Supposedly, some former friends and co-workers bought arm loads of books--from five to ten each. You can only hope a copy doesn't find its way as a wrapped present under your tree! The book is made up of 12 "principles" instead of chapters, with titles such as "Stick to Your Guns" and "Be Broken, Be Bitter or Be Better." There is no disclosure whether or not she has imparted her hair and make-up tips.